102. The Adventures of Philip Marlowe: “The Fifth Mask” & Other OTR Programs

Here is the line up for Show #102,  September 11, 2017:

1.  Adventures of Philip Marlowe   9/8/50   "The Fifth Mask"

When Phil is called by a beautiful woman and asked to rush to her home in order to protect her from a man who has threatened murder, Phil is reluctant.  After a change of heart, however, will he be too late?

2. My Favorite Husband   3/12/50   "Women's Rights, Part 2"

The challenge over women's rights continues --- The Coopers and the Atterburys decide Liz & Iris will bring home the bacon while George & Mister Atterbury  care for their respective homes.  The results are predictable and hilarious.  (Note:  Part 1 can be heard on Boomer Boulevard Show #100)

3. Gunsmoke​​​​​​​​​     4/4/53    "Jayhawkers"

After Jayhawkers raid a Texas trail herd headed for Dodge City, the trail boss asks Matt to join them for the remainder of the journey.  The Texas cowboys, however, are no​​​​t happy about riding with anyone from Kansas. 


Listen here and join in the laughter, tears and memories:

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