105. The Life of Riley: “Impressing the Boss” & Other OTR Programs

Here is the line up for Show #105,  October 23, 2017:

1. Lux Radio Theater  11/21/51  "Winchester 73"

In a shooting contest Lin McAdam wins a prized Winchester 73 rifle. When the rifle is stolen by Dutch Henry Brown, we are journey-bound as we follow the rifle and see it change hands, one owner to the next, before a dramatic final showdown.  Along the way we meet up  with Wyatt Earp and a host of dastardly villians.  Stars Jimmy Stewart. 

2. The Life of Riley   12/3/48  "Impressing the Boss"

After Riley counsels Junior that it would be wrong to try to get a good grade by raking his teacher's lawn, Peg points out he has done the same thing when he helped his boss fix his roof for free.  The plot develops into a very funny disagreement between Riley and Gillis, his next door neighbor.  

3. Gunsmoke​​​​​​​​​     1/30/54  "Gun Smuggler"

Matt, Chester and Tobeel, an Indian scout, are determined to track down white gun smugglers Matt believes are selling rifles to Pawnee warriors.  But Matt has a problem, he must first convince the U.S. Cavalry that his hunch is right. 



Come along for the ride and share the memories, laughter and tears.

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