Welcome to Boomer Boulevard!

Hello and Welcome to Boomer Boulevard!  My name is Bob Bro and for the past ten years I have been doing a number of online nostalgia shows. These shows feature old time radio programs and include memories about growing up as a baby boomer in Southern California.

I have always been a big fan of many different old time radio programs.   I'm not a radio historian --- just someone who loves the entertainment value of these great old programs.  

I especially love the programs that I remember as a kid .  Yes, some of the best radio programs were still on the air in the 1950s and the early 1960s and these are the programs  I feature on Boomer Boulevard.

Here are just a few of the great  OTR programs I recall hearing on the radio:

  • GUNSMOKE:   I used to listen to it with my Grandma White when we would visit her each summer.  She loved Gunsmoke!
  • FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY:  I remember hearing it on NBC Monitor on the radio in the family car while riding with my parents.
  • YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR:   I remember hearing it late afternoons on KNX.  My Mom always had the radio on in the kitchen!

Other personal favorites include Dragnet, Our Miss Brooks, The Jack Benny Show, Ozzie & Harriet, Burns & Allen, The Halls of Ivy, Tales of the Texas Rangers and several of the great CBS westerns such as Frontier Gentleman, Have Gun-Will Travel and Fort Laramie.

Admittedly I remember more of these great old  programs from their later television incarnations.  Comparing the TV shows to the radio shows  today, however,  I can say I almost always prefer the radio originals!   

Over the years my shows have played on a number of venues, including Bill Bragg's Yesterday USA and Jerry Haendiges' Old Tyme Radio Network, as well as several others.  And I have always had one rule:

Any program I play must have above average sound quality.​  I won't play programs with lots of cracks, pops and hisses.  While that does limit me, I still have thousands of shows in my collection that offer truly crystal clear sound.  

On  Boomer Boulevard  we don't simply provide commentary on the programs we play;  we also spend  time talking about the memories these programs conjure up --- memories of a bygone era.  And, of course, that includes playing music from the 1950s and 1960s and sharing personal stories along the way.

 Many folks love this format. I know because I regularly receive emails from listeners all over the world telling me how much they love the show.

Now, through the beauty of podcasting, Boomer Boulevard is available on demand.  I hope you will listen and then leave us a comment.  Even more importantly, give us a review and offer a rating on iTunes, Stitcher or the podcasting host you use.  

Boomer Boulevard - Cruising Down Memory Lane

In the meantime welcome!  We invite you to come along as we go cruising down Boomer Boulevard --- Memory Lane for the Baby Boom generation.

But everyone is welcome!

Memory Lane for the Baby Boom Generation